We don’t Predict the Future,

We Create It!

Welcome to the home of the solar air conditioner


Our creative process starts at the limits of what is possible today,  far beyond the paradigms of existing architectures.  We design products the way they should have been created in the first place.  Why settle for less?


The simplicity of perfection in every design dimension, performance gauged against standards of tomorrow.  All only the beginning of a process to bring true innovation.   Ask us about it.


Living comfort should be a given.  At no additional cost.  Nothing less.  Easy and compact, universal installations are already changing the face of our cities.  Join the true revolution.


Subtract the obvious and add the meaningful.  Don’t compromise.  Allow us to present the simplicity of perfection in design and performance.




Single Installation

3.5 kW

Cooling Power


Cooling & Heating

IP Enabled

Dual Air Filter

Ambient Light


Low Noise

App Controller

Why add to the object clutter around us?  Have access to control, and all relevant performance information at the tip of your fingers with the PI App

- The Mindful Consumer

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