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How efficient is the solar AC? How much will I save?

With the solar AC, it is possible to halve the total electricity consumption of your household during the hot months – that is, when it really counts and when cooling electricity costs are over 60% of your overall bills.  Both energy efficiency, and reliance on the readily available, renewable sunlight makes most sense when coupled with the most significant consumption source: air conditioning.

An interesting fact: did you know that globally, we have 350 nuclear reactors only for the electricity generation needed for air conditioners?  This is today.  Over the  next 20 years, we will need to add almost 200 reactors for the new AC units … that is, unless we get smarter.  We hope that our solar AC is only the first step in the right direction.  How would you feel about becoming a part of the world’s largest solar system?

How much will you save?  Everything. The future.

What if I need cooling at night?

The intuitive fit of coupling solar with AC is based on the simple fact that we will likely need cooling when we get a lot of sun, but that is not always the case.  Especially in today’s busy world, we oftentimes don’t get home until the sun has set.  But that is not a problem: the solar AC will capture the sun’s energy and store it in its integrated battery, ready for use through the night.  Waste not, want not!

In the case that sunlight is not available for longer periods of time, as can happen in during the rainy season, the solar AC system will draw the power needed from the grid, but even then, it will provide over 4 kW of thermal power with only 1 kW of electricity as we have been careful to employ the most efficient technologies available.

Where can I install my solar AC?

In order to truly make an impact, we have designed a product that is easy to install, and that will fit virtually everywhere, even in installations where solar applications were unthinkable in the past.

You can fit the product above, or below the window of your apartment, or on your balcony.  You can install it on the roof, or in the garden,  The only constraint is the access to sunlight.

The Solar AC is small enough to fit into an elevator and through the doors of an apartment.  It comes in a single outside unit, and there is no need to connect the AC unit with the solar panels.  The installation itself is not more difficult than installing a simple traditional split AC system.

What is the true remote control?

Your solar AC will arrive with its own control pad, but you can also download the app and manage your system from any of your existing android and iOS devices.  This way you, and all of your family members will be able to adjust each of the systems in your home more conveniently.

On top, you will also be able to control your systems remotely adjusting the temperature as needed and adjusting operation modes to maximize both comfort and savings – anytime and anywhere.

The app will additionally allow you to monitor energy efficiency performance, as well as scheduling of regular maintenance.  Remote system status and diagnostics will allow for more efficient optimisation and repair interventions should these be necessary.

Do I have to install the product myself? How?

Technically you could … but we would advise to use the free installation service.  Our technicians are trained and will ensure optimal installation. 

It is also quite simple: you will receive the pad/device in the welcome pack, and upon start-up. it will guide you through the installation appointment scheduling.

Are there any hidden running costs?

Regular annual maintenance and replacement air filters are included in the price for the first three years.  Thereafter, we would suggest to change the filter, based on use, every 4-6 months.  Your app will alert you when it is time to do so, and if of interest, you can also simply subscribe to receive your filters at home when a change is due.

What is the world's largest solar system?

The Noor system in Morocco is currently the largest with 580 MW output.  With our current performance, we expect solar ACs to surpass this within about 5-6 years.  Contrary to most solar farms present today, the Solar AC system is distributed across the world, right where it is needed reducing transmission costs and allowing for reduction in power supply within the communities.

Become a part of a truly unique project and sign up for your first Solar AC today!

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