What does co-living mean to you? If the very term recalls stressful apartment shares or weird college roommates, then it’s time to think again! Recent years have seen an emerging trend for communal living, all centred around common aspirations, be they entrepreneurial, environmental, or simply great design. Read on to discover five fabulous co-living spaces that prove that pooling resources reaps benefits all round,…

For Meeting People: Norn

New in town? Then Norn might be the right place for you: with an emphasis on offline networking, this co-living venture is all about making connections. With residences in London, San Francisco, Berlin and Barcelona, this is just the place for face-to-face meet ups.

For Digital Nomads: Roam

More and more, a laptop and internet connection are all it takes to get work done. If that’s the case, then why not do business in the paradise that is Ubud, Bali? Roam’s amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, yoga studio and spacious bedrooms. Created with globetrotters in mind, the group also boasts spots in the US, UK and Japan.

Roam image

Roam in Ubud, Bali

For Seniors: New Ground Cohousing

A co-housing project exclusively for older women, New Ground Cohousing comprises 25 units in North London, UK, all centred around a shared garden. Linking all residences is a common house featuring a communal kitchen, dining area, laundry and more.

For Work, Rest and Play: Outsite

With locations in Central, South and North America, as well as Europe and South East Asia, Outsite certainly caters to wanderlust. The emphasis here is on not just living and working elsewhere, but discovering culture too, with local community managers on hand to help realize real-life adventures!

Outsite’s Williamsburg space, Brooklyn, New York

Tried and Tested: WeLive

Giants of the co-working space, WeWork recently made forays into the co-living territory by way of new venture, WeLive. Currently only available in New York and Washington DC, US, spaces boast roof decks, hot tubs, and a focus on fostering meaningful relationships through communal living.